Professional Trained and Certified Master Cat Groomer full range of cat grooming services east London and surrounding areas.

Spend quality time with your pet, providing them with affection, attention, and positive reinforcement.

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The founding story

Professionally trained and certified master cat groomer from Cat Grooming London School. Agnia's cat pet grooming service is a mobile service, all our services are carried out in your home providing your cat with a comfortable familiar surroundings that will ensure a relaxed grooming and care session. Agnia's mobile cat grooming service caters for all types of cats breed and sizes

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Trusted by over 1500 clients in London
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Our one-stop solution for cat grooming

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Mobile Grooming

Agnia's cat grooming is a mobile service, Our professional fully trained master groomer will attend your home to carry out the service.

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Cat Grooming

Full GroomLion CutHair / fur trimming. Cat Bathing Dry Foam shampoo and Conditioning (No Water) Claw clipping Nail Cutting
Ear and eye Cleaning

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Cat at your home

The "at home" service is considered to be the best option for cat grooming / care services as this minimises any potential stress incurred removing you cat(s) from their natural habitat.

Agnia's Mobile cat grooming services include the following

We are dedicated to nurturing the health, happiness, and harmony of your beloved cats.

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Full Groom Lion
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CutHair / fur trimming
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Cat Bathing - Dry Foam shampoo and Conditioning (No Water)
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Claw clipping
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Eye and Ear Cleaning

Extra features

These extra features are designed to make your pet's experience exceptional, tailoring the care with peace of mind.

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Claw-clipping - Eye and ear cleaning.

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Dry Foam Shampoo

No water bath


...that capture our commitment

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Meet our pet care team

Masters Groomer Specialist
Our Pricing

Quality cat care within reach


Regular Session
Cat Hygiene
Bottom Area
Cat grooming


Premium Session
Full Grooming
Bottom area
Brush & Dry
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Deluxe Session
Lion Cut Grooming
Bottom area
Brush & Dry

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions?

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Call us: 07706 560152
How do I make a reservation for my pet?

Give us a call today or drop us a email / describe your requirements. Our trained experienced master groomer will discuss options. Master groomer will provide recommendations. Recommended grooming package and estimated cost provided. Appointment date and time will be scheduled. Master groomer will attend your  home / cats homePre Groom consultation. Full cost confirmed Grooming / Care package carried out.

What are your operating hours?

Monday to Friday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00PM

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